A2 Protein - Raw Milk

It's simple. Raw milk is literally straight from the cow - nothing added or taken away. Before bottling, our special raw milk cows are throughly cleaned and sprayed with an antibacterial product. The milk is then snap chilled to 4 degrees at the point of bottling. Although there is no proven research, many believe raw milk can provide an array of health benefits, such as reduce the risk of hay fever and asthma.

A2 Protein - Pasteurised Milk

Pasteurised milk has had minimal processing. It has simply been heated to 68 degrees and held there for 2 minutes to rid the milk of any potential harmful bacteria and pathogens. Don’t worry, the cream will still settle on the top! Unlike store bought milk, our pasteurised milk has not been standardised or homogenised making it permeate-free. This means the fat molecules are not suspended within the milk and its composition will change throughout the year.

Dreamview A2 Protein Milk

Cow milk is a fantastic source of protein and calcium. It contains two main proteins, one of which is casein. A main type of casein is beta-casein, of which A1 and A2 are variants. Historically, cows produced milk containing just the A2 beta-casein, but these days the majority of cows produce A1 beta-caseins. When the A1 protein is broken down in the gut, it uses a different amino acid to that of A2. This is believed to be the main difference in the benefit between A1 and A2 milk. Research has shown that the difficulty of digesting A1 milk can lead to a number of human illnesses including brain dysfunction and type 1 diabetes. Through DNA testing we have identified the cows that produce only A2 beta-caseins making our Dreamview A2 milk a great option for you and your family.